Please sign up for each job you are interested in by clicking on the checkbox next to the job title. For 2-parent families, each parent should separately complete a volunteer jobs sign-up form.

If you do not plan to volunteer and wish to pay $760 in lieu of volunteering please go directly the payment option at the bottom of this form.

Please submit this form online by June 18th. You will then be contacted at a later date regarding your volunteer job assignment(s). Thank you for sharing your time and talents!

Parent Contact Information
1. Are you artistic/creative ?
2. Do you want to work with students ?
3. Do you like to work with yours hands ?
4. Are you a numbers person or like detail ?
5. Do you like talking with people ?
6. Are you an organizer ?
7. Do you like office work ?
8. Do you want to work with the teachers ?
9. Do you want to work for some parish programs?”
10. Others

I wish to pay $760 in lieu of volunteering 40 hours. I will submit a check to the school or pay online at .